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Contract Services

What many of our clients like about us is our "one stop shop" approach to their marketing needs. They love the way we understand their business and customers and deliver all types of marketing materials and solutions that really work.

We now offer a way to tap into our experience, advice and skills affordably. With our Service contracts you get creative suggestions and the materials produced without hassle. We can save you time, effort and money by managing your marketing on your behalf.

Contract services we offer:

  • Bronze - 1 day a month - sufficient for simple updates / occasional materials
  • Silver - 3 days a month - mini projects / advice / budget control / materials
  • Gold - 6 days a month - major projects / full marketing involvement / websites
  • Black - unlimited - we act as your marketing department - whatever you need

If you don't see a package that suits your immediate needs, why not give us a call and we'd be happy to tailor something unique to you.

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